The East

Greetings from the East!

601432_448967285178256_1403594386_nHello fellow travelers and welcome to Foundation Lodge No. 592. Please know that our doors are always open to those who knock and we look forward to being able to fellowship with you as soon as possible.Foundation Lodge has proven itself to be an innovative  and dynamic body of young men committed to improving themselves and the community at large. We invite you all to roll up your sleeves and earn those wages that are due such as love, friendship, respect, opportunity, happy labor and the associations incumbent  with all of these things.  Please browse through our website and take a look at some pictures in our photo gallery which catalogue a portion  of our endeavors. Don’t forget to review our calendar and familiarize yourself with some of our upcoming events.  Again, welcome to Foundation Lodge No. 592 and remember our doors swing on friendly hinges.

Fraternally submitted,
Emmanuel Carreker

Worshipful Master
Foundation Lodge No. 592 (PHA)